Can Trezor Wallets Store Solana (SOL)?

Solana has been one of the biggest Ethereum competitors we’ve had ever since, with its huge growth in development activity, transaction volume due to very cheap fees, and huge growth concerning NFTs.

Does Trezor support Solana and Solana SPL tokens?

Unfortunately, regardless if you have the Trezor One or the Trezor Model T, the Phantom wallet — the Solana blockchain’s best wallet, currently isn’t compatible with Trezor hardware wallets.

While it isn’t impossible for Trezor to support Solana sometime in the future, probably don’t expect it to come any time soon as a lot of Trezor users have been pushing Trezor(Satoshi Labs) to support the Solana blockchain for more than a year now.

What hardware wallet supports Solana?

If you want to use a hardware wallet to store your Solana and Solana tokens or NFTs (which we always recommend for security purposes), you’re going to have to buy a Ledger hardware wallet.

from the Phantom wallet website

We recommend grabbing the Ledger Nano S Plus if you want something budget-friendly, the Ledger Nano X if you want your device to have Bluetooth connectivity, or the brand-new Ledger Stax if you want a bigger screen and if you want something “extra”.

Where should I purchase a Ledger hardware wallet?

Only purchase hardware wallets from their official stores.

Sometimes purchasing from the likes of Amazon/eBay/Shopee/Lazada can be attractive due to faster shipping times and potentially cheaper shipping fees, but we really don’t recommend purchasing from 3rd party sites to prevent you from purchasing hardware wallets that are either fake or are tampered with.

Official hardware wallet sites:


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