Can Phantom Wallet be Hacked?

What is Phantom wallet? 

Phantom wallet is the Solana Network’s premier wallet app, allowing people to buy/sell/trade cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

is Phantom wallet secure?

So far Solana’s Phantom wallet has had a very good track record of securing the funds of its users. As usual, hacks have always been because of user error and not because of the app’s security.

Can Phantom Wallet be Hacked?

Yes, Phantom wallet can get hacked, just as any wallet like MetaMask can get hacked if your device is not secure.

No matter how good the developers are in making the app secure, the security will highly depend on your device as well.

How do I secure my Phantom wallet?

Making your device secure

You can follow standard guidelines like not downloading and installing random files and software, not installing pirated software, and frequently updating your device’s operating system.

While this can drastically decrease the chances of your wallet getting hacked, it’s still not secure enough.

Using a hardware wallet

The heavily recommended solution. Simply using a reputable hardware wallet like a Ledger will make your wallet and funds secure even if your computer or phone gets malware and viruses.


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