Updating your Ledger Nano S’s firmware to the latest version is something we have to do once in a while for us to make sure that our device will work properly. Unfortunately though, in the updating process, we can potentially run into problems. On most instances, the firmware update gets stuck at the “MCU firmware is outdated” screen.

Here are two solutions that could hopefully fix this issue.


Solution 1: Simply try a different USB cable

There’s a decent chance that this might not be the cause of the problem, but it won’t hurt to try. Simply test out a different USB cable from your other devices. If this doesn’t work, simply try out the other solutions.


Solution 2: The button hold method

Step 1: Unplug your Ledger Nano S

Step 2: Hold down the button on your Ledger device that’s closest to the USB port
Step 3: Wait 5 seconds while holding the button

Step 4: While still holding the button, plug the USB cable back into your computer

Step 5: Let go of the button when the Bootloader screen appears

If this method didn’t work, restart your computer and repeat the steps 1-5.


Still didn’t fix the problem?

If you think you did the steps correctly and it still didn’t fix the issue with your device, we suggest contacting Ledger through the Ledger Official Website as you might have received a faulty device.


Other issues with your device

Unfortunately, problems with the Ledger Nano S are fairly common as evident to the number of complaints on some bitcoin or cryptocurrency related forums.

Fortunately, we have the solutions with most of those problems.

Take a look at our Ledger guides & tutorials at: https://cryptosec.info/tag/ledger/

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