Trying to update the software of your Ledger Nano S, but got the “insufficient device storage” error? The Ledger Nano S is still one of the best and reputable cryptocurrency hardware wallets we have right now(along with Trezor), but unfortunately the Ledger Nano S has a lot of annoying memory issues. Don’t worry though, as this is not impossible to fix. Here’s the solution.

Note: If you’re looking for a solution to be able to install more apps, then click here.

The Solution

Simply temporarily uninstall all your apps.

Sounds scary? Don’t worry. You won’t lose your bitcoin or any of your cryptocurrencies by uninstalling the apps. You can simply re-install the apps after the update, then you’re good to go.


  1. Uninstall your Ledger device’s apps.
  2. Update your Ledger device’s software.
  3. Reinstall the apps.

How do I uninstall my apps?

  1. Open Ledger Live with your Ledger Nano S plugged in to your computer
  2. Select “Manager” on the Menu sidebar
  3. Simply click on the trash icons of the apps you want to uninstall


While the Ledger Nano S can be annoying at times due to the memory being really small, we just have to understand that the Ledger company did this purposely for security sake. But anyway, if you didn’t know yet, Ledger just recently released the Ledger Nano X, a new hardware wallet with bluetooth functionality, mobile support, and finally, with bigger memory space, capable of supporting hundreds of apps(no more memory issues! yay!).

Check it out here:


Bitcoin-only. No KYC required.

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