If you want to make sure that you’re cryptocurrency holdings are secure enough while being able to use them, getting a reputable hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano S/X is easily the answer. But, where do you buy one in South Africa?


Buying from local stores

Since Ledger hardware wallets are pretty famous worldwide, it might be a bit uncommon to find some for sale on physical stores in your city, especially when you’re in those more famous cities like Johannesburg. But, should you actually buy from them?

The answer: No. While it can definitely be quite difficult to fake a Ledger wallet or to physically alter one for malicious purposes, it’s still technically possible.


Buying from Amazon, eBay, OLX, Gumtree, and other websites

While there are definitely reputable Amazon South Africa sellers, eBay South Africa sellers, OLX South Africa sellers, and other online sellers that are selling Ledger Nano S’s and Ledger Nano X’s, we still suggest against buying from these sites.

Why? While the chances might be a bit low, there’s still chances of certain sellers’ Ledger wallet inventory to be mixed up with other sellers’ inventory, causing you to possibly be sent a used or untampered Ledger device.


Where should I purchase them instead?

If you want to be 100% secure that you actually bought a brand new, legitimate, unopened, and untampered Ledger Nano S or Ledger Nano X, the best place to buy your hardware wallet is still on the Official Ledger Website. That way, you’re severely decreasing the risks of your device being fake, used, or tampered with.

While buying from the official Ledger website might be a bit more costly due to the shipping fees, save yourself the future headaches of you wondering if you purchased a nice and legitimate Ledger hardware wallet if you bought one somewhere else.


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