When buying something online, we tend to be overly excited and want to receive that certain item as soon as possible; and what best place to receive items quick than buying from Amazon and eBay? But, is purchasing your Ledger Nano S/X hardware wallet from these online shopping sites safe?


Buying from Amazon

Ledger Labs indeed has official stores on Amazon for multiple countries, so purchasing from their official stores on Amazon should be safe enough; just make sure that you’re actually buying from the official stores, and not from the resellers.

So, should you buy from Amazon? While you’re probably going to be fine, we still wouldn’t recommend it. On some forum posts concerning selling on Amazon, there have been instances that stocks from multiple sellers have been mixed up. This is another possible risk of getting an item that’s being sold by a reseller instead of Ledger’s official store.


Buying from eBay

As far as we know, Ledger isn’t officially selling on eBay, so this is easily a big NO from us. Buying from resellers are simply not worth the risk. Also, take note that there’s a good number of scammers on eBay; not only scammers selling Ledger devices but selling almost anything.


What’s wrong with buying from resellers?

While Ledger wallet devices’ hardware are very very difficult to tamper with, there’s still a possibility. Especially when you’re planning on storing big amounts of bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in general on your Ledger wallet, saving a few bucks from buying on Amazon and eBay is simply not worth the risk.


What if I already bought a Ledger wallet from Amazon/eBay?

If you just recently bought it, we heavily suggest that you simply send it back. While buying your hardware wallet from Amazon/eBay only has a small risk, purchasing a hardware wallet from Amazon/eBay just to get a small discount or to get it a few days quicker is simply NOT worth the risk. Remember, you’re going to store coins that could be potentially worth a lot more in the future.

The Ledger Nano S and Nano X Family Pack


Save the potential future headaches and purchase your Ledger Nano S or the newer Ledger Nano X from the Ledger Official website instead. That way, you’re simply significantly more sure that the hardware wallet is coming from the original source.


Bitcoin-only. No KYC required.

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  1. JoeAceJR says:

    Guys, the writers must want to hoard all the ledgers for themselves while we gave to pay full price!!!

    Jokes aside, thank you for the valuable information. Don’t cheap out on your investments…

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