Does Ledger Report to the IRS/HMRC?


Ledger doesn’t report to IRS, HMRC, or other tax authorities. But not only that they don’t — (though we can’t verify this ourselves) it’s highly likely that they also can’t.

Especially if you use your Ledger with other wallets such as MetaMask, Phantom, and Electrum in the first place, then Ledger Labs wouldn’t be able to collect any data. That, and Ledger Labs doesn’t know your wallet addresses in the first place as your wallets are generated randomly offline.

Extra safety precautions

Just to be extra sure that Ledger Labs aren’t getting any of your data and connecting the data to your personal identity, there are some extra safety precautions you can take.

Turn off analytics on Ledger Live

Ledger states that they collect analytic data on which Ledger Live features people use, which Ledger apps most people use, and the like.

If you want to turn this off just to be sure:

  1. Open the Ledger Live app
  2. Click on the Settings icon on the top right
  3. Under the General tab, turn off Analytics

Don’t use Ledger Live

You don’t necessarily need to use Ledger Live besides if you’re going to update your Ledger device’s firmware, as you can connect your Ledger device to other wallets such as MetaMask, Electrum, and Phantom.

Use a VPN

Using a VPN masks your IP address, making tracing things to your real IP address(and personal identity) significantly difficult.


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