ChipMixer is one of the longest-running bitcoin mixers(the service was announced in 2017) that is pretty well-known on Bitcoin forums such as Bitcointalk. But the question is, it is actually safe, or is it a scam?

What’s a bitcoin mixer?

A bitcoin mixer is a service whereas the service would mix your bitcoin with the bitcoin of other people that are using their service, sort of like ‘tumble’ the coins around, and re-distribute back the coins to their respective orders. Due to the ‘mixing’, it will be significantly harder for blockchain analysts to track who the previous owners of the coins are.

In summary, bitcoin mixing is done to increase privacy. Remember — the Bitcoin blockchain is fully transparent.

Is it legitimate?

We’ve tested the ChipMixer mixing service ourselves, and we tested it multiple times, and in the span of a few months (to be sure if the service will work consistently). Based on our experience — while the service can seem to be tricky to use for some people, the service seems to be really legitimate, and everything seemed to work perfectly.

Be cautious though, as the ChipMixer team seems to be fully anonymous. Regardless if we had no problems with our testing, we’d like to take a neutral stance here so we wouldn’t recommend nor discourage the usage of their service.

Scam allegations and scam websites

We’ve dug deeper into looking at customer complaints, and a lot of people seem to be complaining about ChipMixer scamming them; but when we checked, these people making the complaints seem to be victims of fake ChipMixer websites.

take note of the fake domain

Phishing is a very common way of scammers stealing other people’s funds — by them creating a fake website and baiting users to use their fake service.

If you want to learn more about scams used in the cryptocurrency space (which we highly recommend), please refer to our article here.

Apparently when doing a Google search on “ChipMixer”, Google is displaying the fake versions of ChipMixer on the search results, which causes a lot of people to get scammed.

Fake ChipMixer websites on Google’s search results

Reporting the scam websites

If you have a few seconds of your spare time, we heavily recommend reporting these fake ChipMixer websites to decrease the chances of people getting scammed out of their bitcoin in the future.

You can help report these scam websites to Google here.

Another victim of a fake ChipMixer website

The legitimate website URL

ChipMixer’s official forum post

Based on ChipMixer’s Bitcointalk forum post, the only legitimate ChipMixer website(besides their onion URLs) is So any other website you see on Google or on other websites are scams.

Though unfortunately, due to the controversial nature of ChipMixer’s business, you can only now use ChipMixer’s service using the Tor browser as per their website:

The contents of the official ChipMixer website

Final thoughts

Like with any other cryptocurrency online service, we always recommend people to do ample amounts of research before handing over their money to these kinds of online services, as to hopefully significantly lower the chances of getting scammed.

To learn more about scams and security, please check our other articles on our homepage.


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