If you’re new to bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in general, this might have crossed your mind. I mean, who doesn’t want free bitcoin? The question though is, are they legit or just another online scam?


The Answer

No. For you to get a hold of some bitcoin, you either buy them through a reputable exchange, earn them through bitcoin mining, or get paid through bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a new version of money, and there’s no such thing as “free money”. Just as with any other currency like the USD, GDP, EUR, PHP, and the like, you have to work hard to earn them. If people could simply generate or double your bitcoin at will without anything in exchange, then bitcoin wouldn’t be at the thousands price range, and bitcoin will overall just be a big failed project.

Bitcoin Doubler & Generator websites

There will be a lot of scam website online that will claim that they could “double” or “generate” bitcoin for you, in exchange for a smaller amount of bitcoin. These websites are simply scams that takes advantage of people that don’t know much about bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in general, potentially stealing their hard-earned money in the process.

If you came across a similar scam website, we heavily suggest to please spend a few minutes to report these websites to Google, as to prevent some people from getting scammed: How To Report Bitcoin Phishing Sites & Other Scam Sites

More Information on Bitcoin Scams

For some additional information on other kinds of Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency related scams to watch out for, we heavily suggest reading this article: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Scams to Watch out for


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