If you simply do a quick Google search on “Bitcoin CEO”, chances are, this featured snippet from this Wikipedia article will appear on your search results:

Take note that while the snippet and the article are specifically referring to Bitcoin.com’s CEO and NOT Bitcoin‘s CEO, this could very easily be misunderstood by a lot of people.

The Bitcoin.com Website

Bitcoin.com, which is owned by one of the most controversial people in the cryptocurrency space, Roger Ver, is just a website and business, and definitely NOT the “official website” of the Bitcoin project.

So, who is Bitcoin’s real CEO? The Answer.

No one.

Why? Simply because Bitcoin is a completely open-source and completely decentralized project. Hence, Bitcoin doesn’t have an official website and doesn’t have a CEO.

Yes, even the famous Bitcoin.org website is not the official website of Bitcoin; it’s just a lot more reputable than it’s .com counterpart; which has been notoriously hated by the Bitcoin community for heavily promoting the Bitcoin fork, Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Satoshi Nakamoto

Yes, Bitcoin has a creator/inventor, and we all know that to be one of the most famous anonymous people we know, Satoshi Nakamoto.

While Satoshi Nakamoto is the creator/inventor, that still doesn’t make Satoshi the CEO. Again, Bitcoin has no CEO, because Bitcoin is a protocol, not a business, company, or organization.

It’s the exact same reason why while the world wide web(which we all use and love) has an inventor, Tim Berners-Lee, it doesn’t make him the “CEO” or “owner” of the whole internet. He just created a wonderful platform for everyone to use, but he doesn’t own it.

Theories & Rumours

Throughout the years, there have been dozens and dozens of rumours and theories on who Satoshi Nakamoto might actually be. From the earliest one being Dorian Nakamoto to the person who Satoshi worked within the early days, Hal Finney, to the computer scientist, cryptographer, and Bit gold inventor Nick Szabo, to the cryptographer, cypherpunk, Hashcash inventor, and Blockstream CEO Adam Back.

And guess what, those are just the tip of the iceberg. But yet, with all those theories, rumours, and alleged “proofs”, all those information weren’t enough for us to actually make a conclusion on who Satoshi really is.

So, who is Satoshi? What if we don’t find out?

It doesn’t matter.

What’s important is, the fact that Satoshi Nakamoto, may it be a ‘he’, a ‘she’, a group of people, a company, an organization, or whatever, created a robust ecosystem and a currency for every single person to freely use.

We should simply thank him/her/them for his/her/their wonderful invention, and leave him/her/them be.

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