is a web resource focused on providing nontechnical information to help beginners learn how to protect their funds against hackers and scammers.

Documented Timeline of Exchange Hacks

A complete and updated timeline of the recorded and documented bitcoin & crypto exchange hacking incidents, dating back to as early as 2011.

Crypto Exit Scams

A comprehensive list of the notable exit scams in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space that occurred throughout the years.

Security Checklist

A quick checklist of things you should and should not do, concerning the security of your bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general.

Documented Timeline of DeFi Exploits

A comprehensive and updated timeline of the recorded and documented Decentralized Finance (DeFi) exploits.

Comprehensive List of Failed Stablecoins

A comprehensive list of failed and de-pegged stablecoins.

Securing your NFTs

How to secure your NFTs, and how to make sure they don't get stolen by hackers and scammers.