is a web resource focused on providing less-technical information to help beginners learn how to protect their funds against hackers and scammers.

We heavily recommend reading the following articles before actually investing in bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in general:

  1. The in-depth guide to Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Wallets
  2. Creating your first Bitcoin wallet
  3. Securing Exchange Accounts
  4. The Cryptocurrency Scambook
  5. Protecting yourself from $5 wrench attacks

Supplementary content:

  1. Documented Timeline of Exchange Hacks
  2. Documented List of Cryptocurrency Exit Scams
  3. Security Checklist
  4. List of FDIC-Insured Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  5. Cryptocurrency-related SIM Swap Attacks


Recommended Hardware Wallets

Small, portable hardware devices heavily recommended by the Bitcoin & cryptocurrency community, created specifically to drastically increase the security of your funds.

  1. Ledger Nano X / Ledger Nano S
  2. Trezor Model T / Trezor One
  3. Coldcard (bitcoin only)

For more information concerning hardware wallets and wallets in general, please refer to our in-depth article here.



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